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PROJECT 3: Spatiotemporal Brain Imaging Integrating Electromagnetic,
Anatomical, and Hemodynamic Data


Matti Hamalainen, PhD Project Leader
John W Belliveau, PhD Investigator
Giorgio Bonmassar, PhD Investigator
Fa-Hsuan Lin, PhD Investigator
David Covin System Administrator


Project Description

The overall goal of Project 3 is to develop methods for spatiotemporal imaging of human brain function, motivated by and validated with experiments. Specifically, we will extend anatomically and functionally constrained MEG/EEG source models to structures outside the cortex. Using the accurate anatomical information obtained in Project 1 and physiological information regarding plausible source strengths we will construct the anatomical components and physiological elements of a source model which covers both the cerebral cortex other structures, including the hippocampus and the basal ganglia. With computer simulations and experiments we will study the feasibility of detecting and estimating activity in extracortical structures. Second, we will continue our work on developing new inverse models which use the hemodynamic and electromagnetic data in conjunction. We will use experiments probing the relationship between electromagnetic (MEG/EEG) and hemodynamic (fMRI/DOT) data as a basis for a joint estimation model which uses a physiologically plausible but at the same time a computationally tractable form of hemodynamic coupling to relate the fMRI/optical and MEG/EEG signals. Third, we will extend the methods to calculate functional connectivity metrics in time and frequency domains to non-stationary data and will develop proper statistical treatment of the connectivity information across individual trials and across subjects.



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