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Because of the tremendous complexity of the neuroimaging enterprise, the Center for Functional Neuroimaging Technologies seeks collaboration with key innovators in the basic and clinical neuroscience communities from outside the Resource. Collaborators come from within the MGH Martinos Center, from other Boston area institutions and throughout the country.

Collaborative Projects are chosen to meet the following criteria: (1) Projects must utilize the special resources of the Center for Functional Neuroimaging Technologies in ways which significantly enhance their funded research goals, and (2) projects must contribute unique technology or data which significantly enhances the Center’s ability to address its goals and mission.

Many of our collaborations are with industrial partners, who help to make our developing technology available to the research community. We are continually establishing new Collaborative Projects, which will provide unique capabilities for the Center's future evolution. If you are interested in establishing a collaboration with the Center for Functional Neuroimaging Technologies, contact Nichole Eusemann or complete our Web-based Application Form.