Gary Strangman, PhD


Director, Neural Systems Group, Massachusetts General Hospital
Instructor, Harvard Medical School


Massachusetts General Hospital
149 13th Street, Rm 10018
Charlestown, MA 02138


(617) 724-0662


(617) 726-4078


Research Interests:

My research interests center around the interface between cognitive science and neuroscience. My present research employs non-invasive technologies to investigate neural correlates of performance and learning in the human motor system. I have recently focussed on fMRI and on near-infrared spectroscopy and imaging, as well as more limited work with EEG/ERPs. The Neural Systems Group is based at the Massachusetts General Hospital, along with the NMR Research Center.


  • Development of techniques for assessing brain function in remote environments, such as aboard spacecraft
  • Use of NIRS and NIRI to examine motor performance and learning tasks
  • FMRI investigation of motor learning for brain injury rehabilitation
  • Behavioral work on motor learning (aimed at comparing two "modes" of motor sequence learning, namely learning with and without prior instruction on sequence-governing rules).
  • Exploring ways of dealing with multiple parallel spike train data.
  • Examining the commonalities between several diverse, highly-parallel systems.
  • Modeling the intermediate level structure of the brain using a network of networks architecture.
  • Modeling the network level effects of proximal versus distal inhibitory input to pyramidal neurons.
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