Administrative and Clinical Core

Project Leader: Bruce Rosen, MD, PhD

The Administrative and Clinical Core will provide key resources to facilitate the pursuit of our individual and global research goals by providing an integrative environment and support structure to bring about the consistency our studies aim to achieve. This Core’s mission will now be expanded to also provide key resources to streamline our translational and clinical research activities, providing a unifying framework for patient recruitment and assessment.

The Administrative and Clinical Core will also aid in dissemination of research findings. One example of this is our PPG-supported seminar series, Program in Asian Medicine and the Placebo and Healing Network. These series, which draw investigators with diverse backgrounds and levels of expertise, provide an integrative environment for methodological
discussion, foster the cross-fertilization of ideas and provide grounds for building collaborations. Importantly, such activities bring greater coherence to our CERC, and provide us a medium for extending our integrated approach to the larger acupuncture research community.