Our goals are:

  1. To gain a greater understanding of the dynamics and optimal functioning of the networks that support human memory and learning;
  2. To better understand network structure-function relationships and the effects of the aging process and neurodegenerative dementias on memory and learning systems;
  3. To develop quantitative methods that allow creation, integration and optimization of noninvasive, sensitive and accurate pharmaco-neuroimaging biomarkers for detecting, staging, and tracking neurodegenerative dementias;
  4. To construct computational models that allow prediction of clinical course, and treatment response and optimization at the level of the individual, and
  5. To create an open and positive environment that:
    1. Is team-oriented, multidisciplinary, collaborative, inquisitive, intellectually stimulating, fun and supportive;
    2. Prioritizes the physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being of our patients, subjects, veterans, volunteers, collaborators, and team-members, and
    3. Promotes the philosophy of advancing knowledge, medicine and science in a manner that fulfills purpose and creates meaning.

Active Studies:

Multimodal Assessment of Memory and Cognitive Aging

Currently seeking healthy adults 60 years of age or older to participate. Those interested should email us at