The Harvard Aging Brain Study


What is this research study about?

    The purpose of this study is to find out whether results of a brain scan are related to memory changes that occur in healthy older adults.

Who should enroll?

    Healthy adults between the ages of 65-90.

What will I do in this research Study?

    Your participation in the research study will last for 5 years.  During the first 6 months you will have up to 7 visits.  The remaining 10 visits will be spread over the next five years.

Sessions will include one or more of the following:

    -Neurological and Physical Exam

    -Cognitive Testing

Help us learn about the aging brain!

    -Blood Draw

    -MRI Brain Scan

    -PET Brain Scan

    -Optional: Lumbar Puncture

You will be paid for each visit individually

    -If all visits are completed you will have earned a total of $1,600.

    -Assistance with transportation as needed.

    -Dedicated relationships with research doctors and

     team members.

To schedule an appointment please call the Research Coordinator

    Tamy-Fee Meneide at  617-643-0143.

    Download the flier.


Welcome to the Harvard Aging Brain Study!

Neurology, 2nd Floor

149 13th Street

Charlestown, MA 02129