Imaging and Computational Core Resources

Core Summary

The backbone of the Martinos Center is the Martinos Technology Core, comprising Imaging and Computational Core resources. The Imaging Cores include the MRI, MEG and Optical Imaging Cores, with an extensive and expanding inventory of state-of-the-art imaging facilities and equipment, including related laboratories and testing rooms. The Computational Core oversees data processing, computational infrastructure, software and hardware issues. Together, the Imaging and Computational Cores develop and provide state-of-the art biomedical imaging and image processing technology and techniques to the Center's research faculty and user community.

The Core resources are fully supported by user fees drawn from research grants, instrumentation grants and industry agreements. The core facilities are available for use to all qualified investigators from academic, medical, government and industry labs. While the mission primarily involves research and development, the Core also provides a clinical MEG service to the hospital (MGH). A clinical MRI service is not available.



(see here for MR-PET imaging fees)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Core FY14 User Fees

Service Internal Fee: Partners Internal Fee: Partners Industry Funded External Fee: Non-Partners AMC and Non-profit Minimum External Fee: For-profit and Industry
1.5T/3T/7T/MGEGT Scan time, hour $588 $1,100 $847 $935
4.7T/9.4T Scan time, hour $290 $514 $418 $462
14T Scan time, hour $125 $200 $180 $199
IVIS Molecular Imaging, hour $65 TBD $94 $104
Data Storage $306/yr
TBD $441/yr
MCTC TMS PHS $138 TBD $199 $220
MCTC TMS/Navigation PHS $182 TBD $263 $290
MCTC TMS/EEG PHS $224 TBD $323 $357
MCTC Microscope PHS $65 TBD $94 $104
MCTC FDG PHS $478 TBD $689 $761
MCTC C11/F18 Production $1,850 TBD $2,664 $2942
MCTC ADM Nuc/Med PHS $310 TBD $447 $493
MCTC Blood Analysis PHS $700 TBD $1,008 $1,113
MCTC 13N/15O Production $1,505 TBD $2,168 $2,393
MCTC Isotope PHS $560 TBD $807 $891
MCTC Image Analysis PHS $585 TBD $843 $931
Ex Vivo Imaging $245 TBD $353 $390
Mini PET $310 TBD $447 $493
15T $290 TBD $418 $461


Please contact with questions about using the Core resources.