@ Martinos Center and Tufts University

Principal Investigator: Gina R. Kuperberg, M.D., Ph.D.

Department of Psychology, Tufts University and Department of Psychiatry, Massachusetts General Hospital

Candida Jane Maria Ustine, M.Eng., Dept. Psychology, Tufts University and Martinos Center, Mass. General Hospital

Candida's research interests include Medical Image Analysis, Neuroimaging and Neurolinguistics. She graduated from Cornell University with a Master of Engineering in Electrical and Computer Engineering, working with Dr. Anthony Reeves to develop an automated system for body surface segmentation to aid in needle guided biopsies. After graduation, she worked with Dr. Eric Olson from SUNY Upstate Medical University on a Research project studying dendritic genesis, migration and orientation of cortical neurons in prenatal mice under the influence of protein Reelin. She is currently working with Dr. Lau and Dr. Kuperberg in integrating Neuroimaging techniques to study and analyze language performance by the brain in healthy individuals and those with schizophrenia.