The proposed program will achieve three major training objectives. (1) We will train trainees in radiotracer methodology, design, synthesis, and imaging applications directly related to understanding human physiology and disease. (2) We will train trainees to apply nuclear medicine in clinical, disease-specific applications and drug development. (3) We will develop a career-mentoring plan that will ensure the talented trainees from our program become the future leaders in nuclear medicine.

Program Eligibility

Experience in at least some the following areas is required: - Chemistry / Chemical Biology - Epigenetics - Molecular Imaging - Neuroscience Candidates must have an M.D., Ph.D. or M.D./Ph.D. in chemistry, biology, physics, nuclear medicine, biomedical engineering or some related discipline and a strong background or demonstrated interest in medical imaging.

Program Administration

Jacob Hooker, PhD, Program Director Bruce Rosen, MD, PhD, Program Co-Director Krista Fariel, Fellowship Administrator

Program Faculty

The Nuclear Medicine Program Core Faculty consists of thirteen Principal Investigators who are responsible for setting strategic direction for the program. Each of the core faculty has a thriving research group at Harvard/MGH and a strong mentorship record. Formal research collaborations as well as informal interactions among the core faculty members are in many cases long-standing, and as such, the faculty as a whole is extremely well integrated.