Parents Resource Page

Parents Resource Page

Welcome to the Parents Resource Page, a destination for new and not-so-new parents in the Martinos Center. Here, you will find information about benefits–including maternity/paternity leave policies and information about enrolling your child in MGH benefits–and child care options, as well as a link to the community mailing list. Please feel free to drop us a line with any comments or suggestions about the page.

Please note that the benefits and child care resources apply only to people who are paid by MGH.  Many of those at the Martinos Center have MGH appointments but are not actually paid by MGH.



MGH policies with respect to leaves of absence are spelled out here.

The MGH forms page includes a Benefits Enrollment and Change Worksheet with which to note addition of a dependent through birth, adoption or change in custody. This is a sample worksheet for purposes of selecting your benefits and guiding you through the online enrollment/change in PeopleSoft eBenefits. Once you become benefits eligible, a personalized statement will be prepared and given to you at orientation or mailed to your home. To access eBenefits, use Employee Self Service (ESS) on the internet at:

Please feel free to drop us a line if you have any additional information about MGH policies and procedures with respect to parents/children and benefits.


Child Care

The MGH Children’s Center in the Navy Yard is a convenient daycare option for parents who work in the Martinos Center. However, the Children's Center has relatively few openings and the wait time can be considerable. A couple of additional daycare options are below. We will list additional options as we become aware of them.  In the meantime, please feel free to share your experiences using the community mailing list.

For those who need only occasional child care, MGH offers the services below.

  • The MGH Backup Childcare Center provides relatively inexpensive emergency child care services to MGH employees, patients and Partners employees. The phone number is 617-724-7100.  Please note that there are limits as to how often parents can use the backup childcare services.
  • Parents in a Pinch offers emergency childcare services to MGH employees, through a special arrangement with the hospital.  Further details are available here.

The Harvard Medical Center Office of Work and Family and the Partners Employee Assistance Program provide further information and resources.


Community Mailing List

Join the community mailing list to send or receive messages to or from other parents.  Do you have toys or clothing that need a good home? Or maybe you’re just curious as to which is the best-tasting baby food?

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