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Editing Your Personnel Record

You can edit the data in your own personnel record by going to the Full Personnel Index, logging in with your NMR account name and password, and clicking on your name (students, under Basics, please note "undergraduate student " or "graduate student" in the Title field and your school in the Institution field; under Work, please note your field of study in the Description of Work/Biosketch field). If you do not find your name on the list, click the Add New Record link at the top of the page. First search for an existing record though. Before you edit or create a record, please understand these points:

  • Permission Denied -- If you click on your name and get a Permission Denied error, this means your UNIX NMR account is not properly tied to your personnel record. Email to have this fixed.
  • Tabbed Interface -- There are a ton of fields in a record. To try to eliminate the need for a long page that needs to be scrolled through I have created a tabbed interface. All tabs are "really" part of the same form/page. Therefore, you should complete edits to all tabs before clicking "Submit Changes". You DO NOT need to commit each tab separately.
  • Approval for Edits to Select Fields -- Not all fields are immediately updated in the database when you commit your changes. Those fields marked in green will be updated immediately but other changes are put in a deferral queue to be processed later by an administrator. For those adding new records, all fields must be approved. The list of pending approval requests is at the Deferral Index. You can edit or delete your pending requests through this page. Also, pending requests are listed at the top of the main edit form for your record.
  • Status is Auto -- Many user records currently contain only user name UNIX_ID with status set to auto. To add data, please change your status to active and fill in as much of the rest of the form as you can.
  • Web Page Fields -- The website's People pages are derived from the Center's personnel database. The Personnel Record interface contains many fields, only some of which are relevant to the web page. Sensitive and secure information such as home addresses and numbers, MGH ID, and VISA info will not be displayed on the People web pages and will not be made unavailable to the general Martinos user population. We ask that you provide or update this information for our records only. The website field on the first tab can be unchecked to prevent your People page from appearing at all.
  • Enumerated Lists -- Many fields are drop down lists or checkbox groups with limited choices. If you would like to add a new choice to one of these lists, email
  • Browser Bugs -- the edit form is a very advanced DHTML page and different browsers have different issues with it:
    FireFox/Mozilla: The text insertion cursor is invisible on all but the first Tab of the form. Very annoying. But if you click on a spot, you really can type and insert text there.
    Safari: Javascript/DOM bugs galore. Not too surprising for the newest kid on the block. The main issue is that it would give me invalid results when I ask for the last row of a table. For this reason, when you click Add New to add a new blank entry to the address table, for example, it inserts the blank entry at the top of the table. Also, on one Safari doing a commit would just hang. On another, it would fail to mark certain form elements as having changed. So I suggest OSX users download Firefox to use as their browser till Safari becomes more stable.
    Internet Explorer: Various layout artifacts that are purely cosmetic
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