Medical Imaging – Seeing what makes you sick

Randy Gollub, Bruce Rosen, Georges El Fakhri, Steve Hyman, Jacob Hooker, Jeff Yap, Collin Stultz, Jose Venegas, Samuel Patz, David Sosnovik, Ron Blankenstein, and more.

Mon & Tues Jan 9, 10, 17, 23, 24, and 30
12:30 – 2:00pm, Allen Room 36-462
Enrollment limited by room size: first come, first served

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Medical Imaging – Seeing what makes you sick

Imaging technologies (MRI, PET, CT, ultrasound, optical) are the cornerstones of medical practice.  We will explore how they make physical properties of human tissues visible, highlighting current capabilities, limitations and the future potential of improvements to the technology.  We will delve deeply into a physiological process such as angiogenesis and show how it is disrupted by disease focusing on how visualization through different imaging modalities has both advanced our understanding of the biology and contributed to improvements in healthcare. Sessions will focus on a specific example of how one imaging modality is used in the treatment of a cancer, or a neuropsychiatric, pulmonary or cardiovascular disorder.  Each session will be led by a unique trio of experienced faculty members (an HMS affiliated clinical translational investigator using an imaging modality in their work, a hosting/collaborating MIT professor who has contributed to the development of that technology and a discussant who has sufficient knowledge and interest in the topic to generate a lively discussion.

Contact: Joseph R. Stein, E25-518, 452-4091