Creating a Mailing List

These instructions are for requesting the creation of mailing lists pertinent to Martinos Center activities at the Martinos Center.

Users can request mailing list creation by filling out and submitting the following form. Fields in red are required.

NOTE:List creation requests are only accepted from users with Martinos Center accounts. Example: an owner address such as

Your E-mail address, you will be the list owner: [1]
Name of list (no blank spaces): [2]
Short one sentence description of list:
Short paragraph list introduction:
Do you want to approve all subscribers?
No Yes
Do you want to approve all posts? (useful
for announcement only lists)
No Yes
Who should be able to view the list archives?
Martinos only List members only Completely public
Do you want your list advertised on this page?
No Yes

[1] The list owner will be responsible for dealing with list user requests and keeping proper decorum, most of which is done by a Web interface which is self explanatory. The URL of the Web interface will be mailed to the owner when the list is created.

[2] The list name should have no blanks in it as in list-name, example: mac-users. This will be used in the e-mail address for the list as, example:

After the list is created an e-mail message will be sent to the list owner giving the URL of the Web interface the owner should use to manage the list.

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