Martinos Center -- Encryption Policy

Full information on the Partners Laptop Encryption Policy can be found on this FAQ page on Partners Helpdesk site. However, it is an internally accessible site only.

For external users, you can find a copy of the main items on this page.

All laptops/tablets/netbooks must be encrypted if you store any files/data on it that are relevant to your work at the Martinos Center/MGH (regardless of whether they contain patient data) or you access the Partners internal network resources in anyway from it. If you are using your Partners and/or Martinos account passwords to access something (ssh to gate, login to web mail, login to wiki, sftp files, ...) then you are considered to be accessing the Partners internal network -- and you must encrypt.

Encrypting Your Laptop

  • Apple Encryption -- In order to use the Partners licensed copy of PGP to encrypt your Apple laptop, you must have a valid Partners username and password. Contact the Partners Help Desk to have them encrypt your laptop with PGP. You can contact them via their webform (link will not work from home, requires Partners username/password to authenticate). When filling out the form, in the 'Device#' field put "personal/research laptop." If you don't know your Partners username/password, please call the Partners Help Desk directly at 617-726-5085 to find out what they are.
  • Windows Encryption -- The Martinos Center now uses TrueCrypt to encrypt Windows laptops. Contact help@nmr to see if we can encrypt your laptop for you. Include the brand/model/OS (ie Windows XP, Vista, 7 32bit, 7 64bit) when you email us.
  • Dual-Boot Laptop Encryption -- At this time the Martinos Center does not support any dual-boot laptop encryptions. Please contact the Partners Help Desk to discuss your options.

Securing Your Laptop

Partners also requires all laptops to have two additional security features enabled:

  • Disable automatic login
  • Enable a password-protected screen-saver that locks after 15 minutes.

Instructions for setting these features on a Mac laptop can be found here. For Windows laptops instructions are here.

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