Mac OS X Install for McAfee Anti Virus

NOTE: The McAfee anti-virus software is for Mac OS X Tiger (10.4.6 or later), Mac OS X Leopard (10.5 or later) ONLY.
You will need an account with administrative privileges to do this.

In the finder

  1. Drag the file

    Applications -> Utilities -> Virex Schedule Editor

    to the trash if you have an older McAfee Mac antivirus utility installed. This is the old task editor and you don't need it.

  2. Go -> Connect to Server ...

    Enter the Server Address as smb:// then click Connect. When the password dialog box comes up, the Workgroup is MRIRESEARCH, username must be empty, i.e. nothing, as well as the password, then click OK. A folder called

    should show up on your desktop and a window for it should open. If not, double click on the
    folder to open.

  3. Open the following chain of folders by double clicking on each in sequence.

    antivirus -> mcafee

  4. Drag the file

    to your desktop. Close the window from which the DMG file was dragged and drag the EXTRAS folder to the Trash as you no longer need it.

  5. Double click on the file

    which should open it as a mounted virtual filesystem on your Mac. Double click on
    and follow the directions. You will need to reboot when it finishes. Virex will start up when you boot up and log in. You should update the virus definitions immediately by clicking on the eUpdate button and then Start. This will take a few minutes. Quit VirusScan when the update completes. You should also close the VirusScan window.

  6. Define new time based tasks by running

    Applications -> Utilities -> VirusScan Schedule Editor

    and click on the New eUpdate Task icon. A new window will open. You may need to click on the lock icon on the lower left of the window to unlock the window and create the task. You will be asked for your password.

    This will be the task that periodically electronically updates the virus definitions. Enter a Task Name, set the Recurrence rate, set the day of the week or month accordingly if necessary, set the time by clicking on Set... , set the End date (No end date is good), and click OK.

  7. Setting up a scan task is similar. Click on New Scan Task. The difference here is that clicking on the Scan Items box will open a window you can use to define what folder you want scanned. Click Choose when a folder has been selected.

  8. Click OK and Quit. Your tasks are now defined.

  9. The file VirusScanForMac-8.6.1.dmg can now be dragged to the Trash as it is no longer needed.

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