Storage Cluster Purchase

The Martinos Center has a 1.8 Petabyte SAN using IBM DDN9900s that house over 1200 SATA hard drives. There are 8 IBM BladeCenter HS22s serving as the front end providing direct GPFS filesystem access to the Martinos Center compute cluster (launchpad) and round-robin NFS filesystem access to workstations throughout MGH's campus.

Space on the storage cluster is being offered at $25.50/TB/month ($306 a year) billed quarterly. External academic users will need to pay a 44% overhead ($440 total) and external for-profit/industry users will need to pay a 59% overhead ($487 total). The cost includes a weekly disk snapshot backup and a nearly monthly tape backup. To get space, please send us the following info:

Your Name:
Your Email Address:
Name of Principal Investigator:
Fund Peoplesoft Number:
Enter external if external user
End Date of Fund's Grant:
Enter external if external user
Terabytes of space needed (in 1TB increments only):
Name for the root directory under /cluster (e.g. /cluster/itgroup):
UNIX file permission group (only one can be specified):
Should the root directory file permissions be world readable (able to be read by anyone at the Martinos Center logged in on their account)? Yes No
If you want to restrict access to specific Linux machines for added security (anything with sensitive info should have this added security), which machines:
Do you need access to this space from any Windows or OSX desktops? Yes No
If Yes, please give details in comment below.

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