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Desktops, Workstations, and Laptops

Our preferred vendor for desktops, workstations and laptops is Dell.

Getting Your Quote from Dell

  • Go to the Dell Website for MGH. You may see Standard Configurations there but realize these are samples only. Everyone should customize their own machine to fit their budget and needs. Go to the Shop menu and choose from Systems one of Desktops, Notebooks, or Workstations. It is possible to buy other Dell products you do not find on this MGH site, but they will have no discount.
  • For machines that will run Linux for analysis, you need to get a Precision Workstation. Navigate to Shop ⇒ Systems ⇒ Workstations to see the complete line of available workstations, but we recommend getting a T3500, T5500, or T7600. At least 4GB RAM memory is needed for today's analysis, but consider that a bare minimum and get more even at the expense of CPU speed.
  • The Martinos Center no longer supports external hard drives for backups. Configure your computer to have an even number of hard drives, and back up the first set to the second. External drives are still the best option for backing up laptops, but users are on their own for doing that.
  • Even if you plan to have us install CentOS linux for you, please configure the quote to include a Windows 64-bit OS. Dell will not sell a box without an operating system and getting RedHat Enterprise 4/5 is no cheaper. We will install CentOS5 anyway and having an official Windows license with the box gives you more options in the future.
  • Please choose nVidia video cards. They are better supported in Linux than ATI and will function better with FreeSurfer.
  • If you plan to include hard drives larger than 2TB please consult help@nmr to make sure you choose the proper PERC controller.
  • Newer Dells have an option for Out-of-Band Systems Management (sometimes called Intel AMT or vPro). Please choose to have this option enabled.
  • Include an optical mouse, resource CD, 5 years of ProSupport (not Basic!), and install media for the Windows 64-bit OS if possible.
  • Remove any trial software options, especially Anti-Virus. Check with the before ordering any software through Dell.
  • Please include a 7' or 14' ethernet patch cable to your order. The Help Desk no longer supplies these.
  • Add your configuration to the shopping cart and then "Save as E-quote."
  • Send the E-quote number to the and we will review it and inform you of the next step to take.

If you wish to obtain a machine from a different vendor or via different method, that is allowed but the IT group will expect you to deal with all hardware support issues on the machine. For those looking for Apple products, we recommend going through Harvard Technology Services for the best price.

Dell is definitely not very flexible in what kind of machines they will build for customers. If have a highly customized requirement for a machine, we have a good, long-term relationship with Boston Tech Partners (formerly Mainboard Computer) for making custom machines and getting other special products. Contact the IT group to discuss if you have such needs.

Software and Other Hardware

Harvard Volume Licensing Price List Academic priced software. There are lots of restrictions though that you need to read about in our Software-related FAQ items.
Harvard Technology Services Best deals on Apple and IBM/Lenovo hardware
The Ergonomic Group Preferred HP vendor -- get your printers here
For miscellaneous computing items like replacement hard disks, cables, expansion cards, Partners approved vendors include Dell, Staples, PC Connection, Tech Depot, and CDW.
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