Remote Access with VNC

On the Windows computer you will be using from outside the center:

1. Download putty.exe from here.
2. Download Ultr@VNC Standalone Viewer.

3. Open Putty and open a connection to Host Name  
4. From gate ssh to your linux workstation. (In this example user 'mehlsa' is connecting to a workstation named 'crusoe')
5. Once connected to your workstation, run the command /usr/pubsw/bin/vncpasswd. Enter and confirm a password that you will use to connect remotely.
6. Run the command /usr/pubsw/bin/vncserver.glx

7. You must note the number value that is returned for your remote desktop. In this example the value is 1.
You do not normally need to run steps 5-7 every time you connect. Unless your workstation has rebooted or you have explicitly killed your VNC server process, the vncserver.glx program will still be running. After connecting to your workstation run /usr/pubsw/bin/vnccheck to see see if the process is still running. This will also show you the desktop number (the number after the colon) you need for the tunnel.

8. Open a new putty window.

9. Enter
for the Host Name and enter gate_vnc for the Saved Sessions.

10. In the category menu on the left, click on "Tunnels"

11. Enter a Source port of 5905.

12. For the Destination, you should enter the name of the linux workstation that is running vncserver.glx followed by a colon and 590X where "X" is the number you noted in step #7 above. . (In this example, we are attempting to create a tunnel to the destination crusoe:5901).

13. You must click the 'Add' button.

14. In the category menu on the left, click on "Session"

15. Click the 'Save' button to save all the changes you've made.

16. Now double-click on 'gate_vnc' to open a terminal window.

17. Login using your NMR username and password. Once you have logged in, you can minimize the window. As long as the window remains open, the tunnel will exist and you will be able to use VNC.


18. Open. UltraVNC Viewer.

19. You must enter localhost:5905 as the Server. Then press Connect.

20. Use the password you set in step #5 to connect.

21. Once connected, you can click on the icon in the upper-left hand corner of the screen to display a menu with some commonly uses commands.


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