User Fees for Research Imagers

MR-PET studies can vary widely in design and cost.  To best serve the MR-PET user community, we have developed a flexible method to price studies fairly.  You can use the information below to estimate your per-study charges, but you should verify your estimate with Jacob Hooker ( before budgeting for a study.  Example prices here capture the most common experiments.


  Current Rates Anticipated rates for FY14 (beginning Oct 1, 2014)

FDG Dynamic Scan

$2159 (includes 1.5 h MR-PET time, FDG, nuc med support, and image preprocessing)


C-11/F-18 Dynamic Scan

$3442 (includes 1.5 h MR-PET time, radiotracer synthesis, nuc med support, and image preprocessing)


C-11/F-18 Dynamic Scan with Blood

$4117 (includes items above plus blood analysis)


O-15 CBF study

$3817 (includes 1.0 h of MR-PET time, producing 15O-water, blood work, nuc med support, and image preprocessing)



Here’s how we arrive at these numbers.  Please work with us to make sure your budget is correct before using it in a grant application.

Anticipated rates for FY14 are noted in parentheses, in red text. 2014 rates begin Oct 1, 2014.

MR-PET scan time: $588/hr (same)

This now matches the other large-bore scanner fees.  Whether you are doing MR only, PET only, or MR-PET the rate per hour is the same.  Be mindful of set-up and breakdown time, which is generally longer for PET-containing studies than for MR-only studies.

Provide FDG: $442/scan ($476/scan)

The MR-PET facility team will arrange for the delivery of FDG for your study to Bay 6, Bay 7, or mPET.  This cost includes the cost of FDG from a commercial source as well as the labor associated with radioactivity log documentation.  Some users (particularly for animal studies) may choose to arrange for FDG on their own.  To ensure human studies to run smoothly, we require FDG to be acquired through this mechanism.

Nuclear Medicine Technology and Nurse Support:  $286/scan ($315/scan)

For all human scans, you will need nuclear medicine technology and nurse support.  This covers the labor cost and costs for supplies associated with administering the PET radioligand and MR contrast agent (if required).

Radiotracer Production: $1725/synthesis for carbon-11/fluorine-18 ($1856/synthesis) or $1425/synthesis for nitrogen-13/oxygen-15 ($1503/synthesis)

We will make any radiotracer that has been IRB approved.  Please contact Jacob Hooker for more details about radiotracer synthesis and availability.

Imaging Pre-Processing: $549/scan ($589/scan)

PET studies require data processing to go from ‘listmode (raw)’ data to a format that has been normalized and corrected for scatter, attenuation, and time.  This process takes a technician several hours and requires a large amount of computing power.  This charge should be added to all PET studies and should not be confused with imaging analysis.

Blood Analysis: $675/scan ($703/scan)

If you plan to correct/quantify your PET imaging data using arterial or venous blood samples, include this charge.  We can perform nearly any level of blood analysis you need, including metabolites.

Isotope Only: $627 ($560/scan)

Just need cyclotron-derived isotope for a phantom or chemistry?  We’ll make it for you.  This cost can be split between users getting isotope at the same time (same day for F-18).