Information Regarding Employment of non US Citizens

Regulations for employment of non-US citizens - If you have any question regarding MGH appointments, visa questions and green card questions, contact Carol Barnstead.

Employment - To work at MGH in any capacity, you must be a US citizen, Green Card holder, or have a valid visa.

MGH professional appointments - Only MD's or PhD's can have a professional appointment at MGH. The position can not start till the visa and/or appointment process is complete and has been confirmed by the Chiefs Council. This takes approximately 6-7 weeks, once all the paperwork is received. For a visa holder, it can take longer. You cannot start working at MGH before final approval by the Chiefs Council.

Foreign applicants cannot enroll as non-employees temporarily while waiting for their visa. To do so is illegal.

Green Card sponsorship for professional staff - MGH has specific regulations regarding green card sponsorship. Applicants must have a position of at least Assistant at MGH and an Instructor at HMS to be considered for sponsorship by MGH. The applicant must have worked at MGH for at least one full year. MGH requires that the investigator sponsoring the applicant have at least 5 years of funding for the applicant. Dr. Bruce Rosen, as Director of the Martinos Center, is the only person who can approve Green Card sponsorship at the Martinos Center. Please note, all fees, legal or otherwise, are the responsibility of the applicant.

The MGH/Martinos Center will not sponsor a research fellow for a green card, since that is considered a temporary position, as stated in the offer letter all research fellows received when they started their position.

Green card sponsorship for non-professional staff - The MGH/Martinos Center policy is not to sponsor non-professional staff for Green Cards.

Canadian visas - Canadian nationals must have a proper visa to work at MGH. The applicant must fit one of the job listings in the NAFTA treaty. In addition, their educational degree and background must be in the field for which they are being hired. For example, we cannot hire a Canadian national with a degree in French literature to work as a neuroscience research technician.

Spousal employment for visa holders - The only visa category for which a spouse can work is the J1 visa. The spouse will have a J2 visa and can seek employment once they have obtained work authorization. All other visa's (H1B, F1, TN, O) do not allow spouses to work.

Student visas - MGH/Partners cannot issue F1 student visa's since we are a hospital not a school or university. MGH/Partners can employ F1 visa holders doing their Optional Practical Training, but only through the expiration date of their F1 OPT. If a PI wishes to continue employment of an F1 visa holder, arrangements must be made a minimum of 9 months in advance of the visa expiration. Contact Carol Barnstead.

Tourist visa - individuals on a tourist visa cannot work at MGH, whether paid or unpaid, in any capacity.

For additional information for foreign nationals, contact Carol Barnstead (617-726-8542) or the Partners International Office (617)726-9211.


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