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Some General Information Regarding Employment at the Martinos Center

Hiring new employees - Martinos Center Investigators who wish to hire new employees should first contact Deedee Correia. For non professional appointments, please provide a job description and suggested rate of pay. Professional appointments will be brought before the Director's committee by arrangement with the Director.

Visiting Scientist position - Visiting Scientist is an MGH (not and HMS) title bestowed upon certain professionals conducting work at the center who are not paid via MGH and have their primary appointment elsewhere. A Visiting Scientist may be principal investigator on IRB protocol submission. Visiting Scientists do not have hiring privileges, do not receive benefits from MGH, cannot apply for grants through MGH.

Research Fellow position - The title of research fellow is reserved for individuals with a Ph.D. or M.D. degree. The applicant must also meet all MGH and US Department of Homeland Security requirements.

Primary affiliation for MGH employees with Harvard appointments - Except for those who receive a paycheck from Harvard University, Harvard Medical School or Harvard School of Public Health, the first affiliation of those with dual MGH/Harvard appointments is MGH.

Resignations - Professional staff (research fellow and up) planning to resign their appointment at the Center, must give at least one month notice in writing. The resignation letter should be addressed to the employee's supervisor and copies should be sent to Dee Dee Correia and Carol Barnstead.

Terminations - A Professional staff member whose position is to be terminated is entitled to at least 3 months notice. It is suggested that termination is discussed with the employee prior to written notification. It is also suggested that a witness, such as a member of the administrative staff, be present at the verbal termination notification.

Grant submission privileges - Only faculty with MGH appointments at the Assistant level or higher may apply for grants through MGH. Obtaining a position may require a search. Only the Center Director may offer faculty appointments.

Health insurance - Everyone working at MGH must be covered by health insurance. Only employees who are paid $10,000 annually and work at least 87 hours per month at MGH are eligible to purchase health insurance through MGH. Others will have to buy private health insurance. Lack of health insurance is grounds for termination of employment and for those here on a visa, deportation from the US.

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