MGH Non-Employee Process Information

Each non-employee applicant should have his or her PI email Carol Barnstead with the following information.

  • The non-employee's name
  • The non-employee's email address
  • How long the non-employee will be working with the PI
  • 2-3 sentences regarding what the non-employee will be doing at the Center

Once she has that information, she will send an email to the applicant setting up a time to call her, since she will have to fill out the entire form on-line.

Forms and Documents:

Fill out the following forms and print them, but DO NOT sign them. You will need to bring them with you to the Martinos Center offices and sign them with Carol Barnstead as witness. Call Carol at 617-726-8542 to arrange an appointment.

If you will need a Partners computer account for access to Partners online resources, please make the request at the time of this appointment. This is not the same as a Martinos Center computer account which can be requested at the Computer Accounts and Resources page.

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