MEG Cleanup Procedures

So that all users can enjoy a clean, organized, and efficient environment, please be sure to go through the following checklist after each measurement. (A copy of this list can be found posted on the wall of the lab)

  • Save your data using the proper protocol
  • Return all items used inside the MSR (eg, response pads, auditory tubes, somatosensory electrodes) to their proper storage locations
  • Return settings for the stimulus systems back to the standard settings
  • Clean the inside of the helmet with water if gel/cream is present
  • Shut the MSR door
  • Remove all two-sided tape from HPI coils and wipe with alcohol pads
  • Clean EOG electrodes and electrode caps with a toothbrush so that no paste or gel remains
  • Hang electrodes up so that they do not get tangled
  • Hang wet caps on the stand next to the sink
  • Place soiled linens in the hamper
  • Report any empty or near-empty supplies in the MEG logbook
  • Report any broken equipment in the MEG logbook
  • Take all your personal belongings with you
  • Check that the room is clean (or cleaner!) than when you arrived

Additionally, if you are the last person to run a study that day, please:

  • Turn the MSR lights off
  • Turn off the projector
  • Turn off the intercom and TV monitor

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