MEG training

MEG Basic and Advanced Training sessions are held every 3 months, or more often if there is a demand. Training is open to investigators and research staff planning MEG experiments on our system.

To request training, contact Nao Suzuki. Notification of upcoming training sessions is via the Megscan email list. To subscribe, go to


The Basic Training Course includes:

  • Tour and orientation to the MEG laboratory and environment.
  • Introduction to MEG theory recording mechanisms.
  • Laboratory safety and de-metaling.
  • Stimulus presentation and response recording in the MEG environment
  • Subject set up and preparation
  • Data recording, archiving, and retrieval
  • Clean up, lab etiquette
  • Experiment demonstration
  • Review of the MEG users manual


This course is a prerequisite to run experiments without tech support and coverse these topics:


To sign up, contact Polly Dhond.

This is a beginners course. It is designed to help those unfamiliar with MNE analysis learn to use freely available software to create movies of MEG data. There is no homework for this course. To recieve e-mail regarding this course you should register for the megsan email group.

  • course will be offered bimonthly - 6 students per class each will be provided a laptop
  • students will be provided a data set and disk space for analysis
  • students will be guided step-by-step through analysis of this dataset

To access MNE software in the Martinos Center, follow the instructions given here.

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