Although MEG/EEG research poses no known risk to subjects, certain subjects will be ruled out for such recordings due to factors involving metallic foreign bodies which may prevent obtaining data or harm the machine.

Consent Forms
In addition to screening subjects before scheduling them for MEG/EEG, all subjects must fill out and sign all appropriate consent forms prior to entering the MSR.

Conditions that May Rule Out a Subject

  • Cardiac pacemaker
  • Surgical aneurysm clips
  • Neurostimulator
  • Implanted pumps
  • Steel pins from root canals
  • Metal fragments in body / eyes
  • Head size: try the clear helmet if you suspect subject's head may be too large to fit in the actual machine
  • Ear implants (most are OK, certain cochlear implants are not)
  • Metal rods, plates or screws in body or mouth
  • Previous surgery (if metal left in body)
  • Hearing aid (should be removed before scanning)
  • Braces (cause severe artefact)

Other Screening Considerations

  • Movement disorders (i.e. ticks, restless legs, etc., that may cause movement artefact)
  • Vision / Hearing problems
  • Problems using response devices

Things Not to Bring or Wear in the MSR

  • ANYTHING in your pockets
  • Metal jewelry (face and body piercing items should be removed if possible)
  • Watches
  • Hair holders
  • Eye glasses
  • Metal on clothing (i.e. metal buttons, snaps or trimming, bras, belts)
  • Shoes
  • Cell phones, pagers, other electronic devices

If you have any doubts whether a subject is MEG/EEG compatible, do not measure. Contact Nao Suzuki.

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