Emergency STOP Scan

Stop the Scanner - To stop a scan quickly, either click Stop on the console or hit the red Stop Scan button on the top of the speaker control box. Be sure you and your assistants know the location of these buttons.

(Note: There is an additional emergency button in front of the console by the projector window that shuts down the whole system. Use this only when absolutely necessary. With this shut-down method, scanning cannot resume for ~10 ten minutes.)

Emergency Phone Numbers

* In case of emergency call: 911

MGH CNY Security: 617-726-5400 (or press the RED medical emergency call button near the phone).

BAY 1: 617-724-6189
BAY 2: 617-726-5713
BAY 3: 617-726-5818
BAY 4: 617-724-8844

Mary Foley, Technical Manager
617-724-9539 (office)
617-448-4013 (cell)
718-221-0600 #11316 (page)

Larry White
617-726-5716 (office)

Jill Clark
617-726-5713 (office)

Using the Squeeze-Ball to Signal an Emergency

The squeeze ball is a small hand-held devise that when squeezed by a subject in the magnet, produces a sound that can be heard by the magnet operator. While in the magnet, subjects should have the squeeze-ball in an easily accessible location. In case of an emergency during scanning (when scanner noise may prevent the operator from hearing the subject), the squeeze-ball can be used to signal the operator to stop scanning.

Incident Reporting

In the rare event that a subject reports any untoward or unexpected reaction to the scan (e.g. painful cutaneous sensation, nausea, etc.) the experiment is to be terminated and the incident reported to the technical manager, Mary Foley. Adverse events should also be reported to the Partners IRB using the Adverse Events reporting forms provided by the Human Research Committee. A copy of all Adverse Events reports should be submitted to Mary Foley.

MRISafety Website:

If a subject or patient has any medical devices, you must get clearance from one of the NMR MRI Center Staff. To see more info on medical devices and their MRI compatibility, please go to: http://www.mrisafety.com. For other information regarding MRI safety- please go to: http://www.radiology.upmc.edu/MRsafety


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