Requests for regularly assigned time slots for the MR and MEG Systems

Researchers with ongoing studies may request a regularly reserved (usually weekly) time slot on the MR or MEG systems. Schedules for regularly assigned time slots will be revised three or four times each year. Once a slot has been assigned, the investigator will be responsible for the use or cancellation of the slot as outlined in the Scheduling Policies & Procedures. Researchers will be notified in advance of the schedule revision periods and may only submit requests for regular time slots at these times.

In order to streamline and automate the scheduling process, all requests for imager time must be submitted via the correct electronic form. No other requests will be considered. Automated scheduling will allow us to allocate time slots more objectively and to revise the scanner schedules more frequently, providing researchers more flexibility to coordinate experiments with grant deadlines, visiting collaborators, etc.

If you have gotten this far, you should be able to complete and submit the appropriate time request form. If, however, you have trouble submitting the form electronically or have questions about the form itself, please contact Karen Dervin.

Before submitting a time request form, please read the following important information:

  1. You must have an existing 3-letter account designation before requesting time. If you do not, please fill out the New Research Proposal Form to request a new account.
  2. Each 3-letter account corresponds to a single funding source. A PI can submit a single time-slot request to be used for scanning under more than one account provided all the relevant accounts are listed on the form.
  3. Collaborating groups who would like to schedule a single block of time together, which they will then divide among themselves as needed, should submit a separate time request for each PI projects then note in the comments field that they would like their time scheduled in conjunction with their collaborators'. The Martinos Center enthusiastically encourages this type of arrangement.
  4. The Site Responsible Investigator (SRI) can be either the PI or her/his designee. The SRI will receive training in imager operation. All group members who will participate in running the imaging experiment, whether they will operate the imagers or not, must pass the safety training module. The SRI is responsible for making sure that all safety protocols are followed by all collaborators, students, volunteers, etc. associated with their project.
  5. When you have filled out and submitted the time request form, a copy of the submitted data will be e-mailed automatically to the address you specify. If you do not receive an e-mail confirmation of your submission please contact Karen Dervin.
  6. If after receiving your e-mail receipt, you need to make corrections, please send an e-mail message to Karen Dervin with the word "correction" in the subject. Identify the project by PI and three-letter account(s). You must then complete the entire form again with the correct information and re-submit. You will receive another e-mail receipt with the corrected information. We require the complete re-submission in order to maintain automation and to avoid transcription errors.
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