The purpose of this site is to provide a growing (and hopefully up to date) summary of the tools and procedures available for doing research within the CNL. The site can be used at two levels. On one level, the site provides (for as many programs and scripts as possible) online documentation and examples of how a program or script is run in the context of CNL goals and experiments. The programs come from many sources and primary documentation may be available elsewhere (that's a nice way of saying it may sometimes be better to go straight to the source). This site is a good place to start exploring a program or refer to when a question arises but please do not consider it the end of the line. On another level, the site provides a description of our current methods for basic (prototypic) experiment generation and fMRI data analysis. The later level is meant as a way to encourage uniformity when goals are the same across projects. Please e-mail any modifications or revisions that you feel may benefit the group to: Tools and resources are available in several general areas.

Table of Contents

1. Psych ToolBox 3 Tutorial
2. CNL wiki
3. Neuroimaging Computer Facilities