Science. 2003 Jun 20;300(5627):1952-3 doi: 10.1126/science.1083703. 2003 Jun 21.

Inhibited and uninhibited infants 'grown up': adult amygdalar response to novelty

Schwartz CE, Wright CI, Shin LM, Kagan J, Rauch SL.


Infants with an inhibited temperament tend to develop into children who avoid people, objects, and situations that are novel or unfamiliar, whereas uninhibited children spontaneously approach novel persons, objects, and situations. Behavioral and physiological features of these two temperamental categories are moderately stable from infancy into early adolescence and have been hypothesized to be due, in part, to variation in amygdalar responses to novelty. We found that adults who had been categorized in the second year of life as inhibited, compared with those previously categorized as uninhibited, showed greater functional MRI signal response within the amygdala to novel versus familiar faces.

PMID: 12817151