Martinos Center BrainMap Seminar

BrainMap seminars are by and for researchers using neuroimaging to study human brain structure and function, and for anyone interested in learning about neuroimaging. We aim to cover the most recent neuroimaging techniques from modalities that include MRI, EEG/MEG, optical imaging and PET. The seminars are presented by Martinos Center researchers, collaborators, and outside speakers. The attendance is about 20-30 people, typically physicists, methodologists, neurologists, radiologists and neuropsychologists. The talks are about 40 minutes long, plus 15 minutes of discussion.

BrainMap seminars are held on Wednesdays at noon in MGH Building 149, main second floor seminar room (2204).

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For more information, please contact Dr. Hsiao-Ying (Monica) Wey or Dr. Ovidiu Andronesi.

2013-2014 Schedule