Courses and Training Programs

Continuing Education

Connectivity Course: Structural and Functional Brain Connectivity via MRI and fMRI: This is a five-day program on functional and structural connectivity using MRI.

The CONN Toolbox: This program is being developed to teach the use of the CONN Toolbox for analyzing resting state connectivity data. The first program will be held April 6-10, 2016.

fMRI Visiting Fellowship Program: This program provides an in-depth introduction to the field of functional magnetic resonance imaging.

Two-week Multimodality Short Course: This course addresses the burgeoning collection of functional and structural brain imaging methods.

Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) Course: This introductory course covers the fundamentals of fNIRS and offers hands-on experience in its application.

Advanced Pre-Clinical Imaging for Basic and Pharmaceutical Research: This course provides an overview of the problems and techniques that can be used for pre-clinical imaging studies targeted towards pharmacology and the pharmaceutical industry.

FreeSurfer Tutorial and Workshop: The FreeSurfer Development Team hosts a three-day course for beginner and experienced users of FreeSurfer.

MIT IAP Course: Medical Imaging – Seeing what makes you sick: This course offers an in-depth examination of some of the frontier clinical imaging technologies, many of which were and are being developed at MIT.

Training Programs

Harvard/MGH Nuclear Medicine Training Program for Basic and Applied Research: The Harvard / MGH Nuclear Medicine Training Program for Basic and Applied Research is a multidisciplinary team focused on basic and applied nuclear medicine research.

MEMP Neuroimaging Graduate Training Program: This multidisciplinary program focuses on the application of modern brain imaging tools to solving basic and clinical neuroscience questions such as the underlying etiology of brain-based disorders, mechanisms of treatment, and predictors of response.

Advanced Multimodal Neuroimaging Training Program (predoctoral): This program provides neuroimaging research training opportunities for advanced Harvard University, Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate students from a variety of disciplines and departments.

University Courses

Spatial Aspects of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy HST 562J: This course covers current research in molecular and cellular neuroimaging, with reference to classic work.

Imaging Biophysics and Clinical Applications HST 563: This course provides a broad introduction to the range of applications of biomedical imaging in research as well as in the clinic.

Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Data HST 583: This graduate-level course provides information relevant to the conduct and interpretation of human brain mapping studies.

Magnetic Resonance: Analytic, Biochemical and Imaging Techniques HST 584J: This graduate-level course offers an introduction to basic NMR theory.