Martinos Brain and Cognition Talks

Martinos Brain and Cognition (MBC) Talks is a lecture series dedicated to the broad spectrum of cognitive and neurosciences. As such, it is open to a wide array of topics including, e.g., perception, memory, executive and higher cognitive functions, affective and social processes, psychiatry, ontogenic and phylogenic neurocognitive development, or any additional issues that might interest the cognitive neuroscience researchers within the Martinos Center.

MBC Talks is open to the Martinos Center scientific community and interested researchers from the greater Boston area. We invite you to join our lectures that will be held on a weekly basis, each Tuesday at 3pm in MGH Building 75 (1st floor conference room) or 149 (conference room A) in Charlestown, and contribute to the discussions that will follow afterwards.

If you are interested in receiving information about the upcoming MBC Talks, please subscribe to the mailing list here. If you would like to suggest future potential speakers or send additional comments, please contact Dr. Olivia Cheung.