Avram Holmes, PhD

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Assistant in Research in Psychiatry, Massachusetts General Hospital



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52 Oxford Street
Northwest Bldg – Suite 280.10
Cambridge, MA 02138 USA

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Dr. Avram Holmes is a faculty member within the Division of
Psychiatric Neuroimaging and works closely with the Psychiatrics Genetics
Program in Mood and Anxiety Disorders. He earned his undergraduate degree from
Pennsylvania State University and a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Harvard
University. After receiving his clinical training at the Warren Alpert Medical
School of Brown University, Dr. Holmes returned to Boston to complete a postdoctoral
fellowship at the Center for Brain Science, Harvard University.

Dr. Holmes research program explores the biological pathways that give
rise to individual variability in emotional reactivity, with a particular focus
on the intersection of emotion and cognition. A core motivation that drives his
work is the identification of specific neurogenetic signatures associated with
individual variations in emotional experience and risk for onset of anxiety and
affective illnesses such as major depressive disorder.
Dr. Holmes research
encompasses two parallel levels of inquiry which aim to (1) identify the
cognitive, biological, and genetic factors associated with specific
pathopsychological processes in individuals with depression; and (2) establish
reliable links between genes, system-level brain function, and behavior in
psychiatrically healthy cohorts. This combined approach affords the opportunity
to improve our understanding of the relations between brain systems and
clinical presentation while simultaneously identifying the biological processes
that underlie normal phenotypic variation in the general population.

Dr. Holmes has received a number of awards including the Sackler
Scholar in Psychobiology distinction for interdisciplinary research. Dr.
Holmes work has appeared in the
Journal of Psychiatry, Archives of General Psychiatry, Biological Psychiatry,
Journal of Neuroscience, Nature Genetics, and Neuropsychopharmacology
. He
is the PI of grants funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, Sackler
Foundation, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and Brain & Behavior Research