Brian Edlow, MD

Professional Information


Neurocritical Care Fellow, Massachusetts General & Brigham and Women's Hospitals


MD Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, 2007

Affiliated Faculty


Mailing Address

J. Philip Kistler Stroke Research Center
175 Cambridge Street - Suite 300
Boston, MA 02114 USA

General Contact Information

(617) 724-6352


My research is devoted to using advanced imaging techniques to study the neuroanatomic basis of traumatic coma.  The goals of this research are to elucidate the neural networks that enable recovery of consciousness and to develop novel imaging biomarkers that can be used to improve the care of civilians and military personnel with traumatic coma.  Ongoing research studies include diffusion tractography analyses of neural network connectivity in living patients with traumatic coma and in postmortem brain specimens from patients who died after traumatic coma.