Shantanu Ghosh, PhD

Professional Information


Research Fellow in Neurology, Harvard Medical School
Research Fellow, Massachusetts General Hospital


PhD Linguistics, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, 2005

Affiliated Postdoc


Mailing Address

Charlestown, MA 02129 USA

General Contact Information

CNY 149-10025


I use a combination of neuroimaging tools to interrogate the physics of the living state. Currently I am using advanced MRI methods (Morphometry, fMRI, Diffusion Tensor Imaging, MR spectroscopy) and temporally sensitive techniques (EEG) to track the brain's response to simple and complex auditory stimuli, and how and where they originate. At the systems level, my goal is to discover structure-function relationships, and at the cellular level, my
research focuses on understanding the role of calcium in mitochondrial function, transcriptional regulation, brain energetics, neuron-glia interactions, synaptic mechanisms, and neurovascular coupling, in both healthy individuals and in persons with neurodevelopmental disorders, particularly autism. I am especially interested in those events (genetic, cellular, network, and systemic) that shape the assembly of cellular circuits.