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Updates on the New 14 T System


It's here and working!!

Schedules, links to documentation and other information, etc., to follow!


We are now in a position to use the spectrometer for high resolution and HRMAS spectroscopy, with the exception of gradient spectroscopy (which will be set up when the imaging probe is installed). The CP/MAS probe has been delivered, but there may be some issues to be addressed by Bruker concerning its use with some pulse programs.

The 5 mm BBI and 5 mm BBO probe inserts have been repaired. It is extremely important that tubes are inserted and ejected carefully. To prevent breaking inserts in the future, tubes should be properly balanced, and the caps should be on straight to prevent wobbling when spinning. Ten mm tubes that are spun faster than 10 Hz must use a vortex plug to prevent instability and wobbling.

Even though some of the problems we found have been "fixed" by Bruker, it is important to watch these issues carefully and DOCUMENT anything that doesn't seem right by sending me an email. Because of the extended delay in the delivery of the magnet, we are technically off the one year Bruker warranty. However, Bruker is quite willing to make sure they ultimately leave us with a fully functioning system, so it is extremely important for us to make sure all aspects of the system are working perfectly now. A year from now it will be very difficult for us to prevail on Bruker to fix things that weren't working at the beginning.

Although the imaging probe was promised "definitely by Christmas" (I naively assumed Christmas 2003) I expect it to arrive shortly.

We will hold a meeting shortly to begin to work out scheduling for the spectrometer. Once everything is functioning Bruker will hold a small number of application sessions here to familiarize us with various features of the system.


The system is back up for 5 mm and 10 mm liquid state spectroscopy with the BBO (broadband observe) probes. The 5 mm BBI (broadband inverse detection) probe has shown an instability when used with variable temperature. This is a known problem, and has been repaired. The probe will be returned to the lab shortly.


There is a problem with either the signal routing or the preamp, yielding no receiver signal. Bruker is working on the it.


The old SGI host computer has been replaced with a Linux workstation. Until a newer version of the Bruker software is issued, we will have to run either Paravision with an older version of XWINNMR for optimum imaging, or else run the latest Paravision for optimum spectroscopy. At least these two options can now coexist on the same disk.

The replacement CP/MAS probe must be built from scratch, and will not arrive for about 12 weeks (estimated arrival date December 18). The imaging probe is being altered and will arrive in about 6 weeks (estimated arrival date November 6).


The 14 T magnet is completely installed and has met specs.

The spectrometer has basic functionality for high resolution liquid state spectroscopy, and for high resolution MAS spectroscopy. Shim and sensitivity specs for these probes have been demonstrated. The solid state CP/MAS probe and the imaging probe must be rebuilt by Bruker because they were manufactured to an incorrect length. Many accessories (variable temperature, automated MAS sample changer, etc.) need to be installed or configured. The existing SGI host computer will be swapped for an updated Linux system any day. Please make sure any files you have on the SGI are backed up.

When the majority of the accessories are ready for operation and the Linux computer has been installed we will begin to set up a schedule for users. This should occur within the next few weeks. At the present time, the spectrometer is not ready for general use.


The 14 T magnet is physically installed and at field. It still needs to be cryoshimmed by Magnex, which should occur in the next few days. Bruker will then complete the installation and testing of the console.

The old 9.4 T 89 mm magnet has been transferred to Professor David Cory's lab in the Francis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory at MIT. Eventually it will be installed there with a new console, and made available to us as an auxiliary spectrometer.

Please see 14t-specs.pdf for the 14 T system specifications.

Coming soon: Magnet photo gallery!


The 14 T magnet has been repaired and installation is scheduled to begin on May 27. The Bruker Avance console has been delivered to the laboratory, and will be installed after the magnet. The old 9.4 T magnet has been shut down, and the entire old spectrometer removed from the lab.


On the weekend of March 1 the magnet was dropped in transit while in JFK airport and sustained significant damage. It has been sent back to Magnex in the UK for repairs and testing. Watch this space for updates on the new expected arrival.


The current word from Magnex is that their 600 MHz 89 mm magnet will be delivered at the end of February or the beginning of March. The Bruker Avance console and probes are in a warehouse in Worcester, ready to be delivered when the magnet arrives. A small amount of construction will be required after the MSL-400 is removed and before the new magnet is delivered.

New schedules for the high field spectrometer will be developed when the new system is installed. Arrangements for training sessions are being planned.

Please watch this space for further announcements (which will also be sent to the high field spectroscopy or 4.7 T mailing lists).  You are on a list if you get occasional new system status reports. Email Jerry if you wish to be added to or removed from the mailing list.

Updates on the Upgrade of the 4.7 T 33 cm System


The system is operating normally and on schedule.


The new Bruker Avance console arrived as scheduled September 22, and installation began September 23.


The 4.7 T magnet was ramped down, warmed up and dried out. The o-ring seals were replaced, and all the electrical connections (temperature sensors, emergency run-down, helium and nitrogen level sensors) repaired. The magnet was then pumped, cooled, ramped up and cryoshimmed. This work was performed by Dick Marsh (Dick Marsh Instrument Service) as a subcontractor to Bruker. Piotr Starewicz of Resonance Research, Inc. ( Billerica, MA) performed a field map.

The new Bruker Avance console is scheduled for delivery on September 22.


Bruker has indicated that the equipment will ship from Germany on or about June 13.


Bruker Instruments received the purchase order for a new console and gradient coils for the 4.7 T 33 cm MR in early August 2002, and promised delivery of this upgrade in about 8 months. We therefore look forward to seeing completion of the upgrade during April or May.

Updates on the New 9.4 T 21 cm Horizontal System


The system is operating normally and on schedule.


The vibration problem has largely disappeared following repair of the Magnex gradient coil leads inside the coil form.


This system is now in operation. A vibration problem may be contributing to some image artifacts and instability. We are working with Fabreeka, vibration mitigation company to analyze the vibration characteristics and engineer a solution.

Please contact Dr. George Dai, the manager of this instrument, for further information.

System Specs and Contact Information

Please see 14t-specs.pdf for the 14 T system specifications.

Contact information will be restored at this point on this page when the 14 T system is ready for general use.

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