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Welcome to my research-related web pages

Rudolph Rudolph Pienaar

On the following pages, you will find an overview of my research-related work and interests, resumé, and contact details. This web site is organised along the following lines:

  • Doctoral Research: This link references my doctoral research and related information. Here, you'll find a quick overview of my D.Eng topic. I don't really delve much into the details, but provide links for further exploring. If interested in learning more about my work specifically, follow the download link.
  • General Interest: While still "research" related, this link is more general in scope, detailing some of my interests and how they can mesh with a variety of jobs.
  • Resumé: Somewhat unsuprisingly, this link will take to you my resumé - available in various formats in addition to the default html (postscript, pdf).
  • Downloads: Here you'll find actual data to download: the thesis in various formats, posters and papers. I'd also like to include a link to all the software I developed during the course of this research -- but that will have to wait for a slightly later date.