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NMR software development webpages

These pages are set up to provide an overview set of HOWTOs regarding software tool usage. Use the links along the top navigation bar to navigate through the site. This web site is organised along the following lines:

  • Miscellaneous Tools and Utilities.

    This page describes several miscellaneous tools and utilities that might be of interest to NMR center developers. It is divided into two main sections, Internal and External. The Internal references libraries / classes / utilities that have been developed in-house; the External page lists some pointers and summaries of external tools and utilities.

  • Offline Reconstruction Software.

    Offline reconstruction of Siemens raw image data format files. Refer to this page for usage instructions of promasc and mdh_process.

  • C++ Matrix Library Documentation and Software.

    The offline reconstruction software uses this C++ Matrix Library for the bulk of its mathematical needs. This library is GNU Scientific Library (GSL) aware, and can also use the Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL).

  • Simple Socket Class Documentation and Software.

    This class provides a simple interface to UDP-type sockets, both client and server based. The server socket has blocking / non-blocking / timeout features.

  • Simple Messenger Class Documentation and Software.

    This class was originally designed to wrap arbitrary text in a syslogd-style output, ideal for logging purposes. It has several useful features, such as the ability to dynamically switch from standard files to sockets as output sinks, and a built-in timer function.

  • Direction Cosine (vox2ras) Documentation and Software.

    Visualization of recontructed volumes relies on direction cosine vectors. NMR-based visualization tools rely on a vox2ras matrix to define the rotational and translational mapping between logical and real-world volume image coordinates. Although this vox2ras matrix is an integral part of offline image reconstruction, concepts relating to its calculation are applicable to a wide range of applications. Refer to this page for more information about the vox2ras matrix.