Martinos Center File Drop

11/15/2012 -- There is a new version of Filedrop. Please help us test it

Welcome to the Martinos Center file drop area. This area can be used for the exchange of files between email users at the Martinos Center and email users anywhere else on the Internet. This service provides an alternative to email attachments which often have size limitations.
  • File Drop is for sending files between 15MB and 100MB.
  • For files up to 20GB in size you can use Accellion File Transfer from Partners.
  • If you need to send a file larger than 100MB or a group of files totalling over 500MB please use our anonymous FTP methods as outlined on our Remote Access page.
  • File Drop is not secure and should not be used for sending sensitive information. More info here.
  • The resources required to keep File Drop running (bandwidth and disk space) are limited. For that reason, please restrict use to work-related file exchange only. Do not use it to send personal files. The files you send are subject to monitoring.
For additional help contact the IT Support Group.

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