Reset Martinos Center Account Password

This page can be used to reset your Martinos NMR Center account password using your Partners account password. You must have your Partners account name registered with us for this to page to work for you which you should have done the first time you set a password for your Martinos account.

If you know your current Martinos NMR Center password then you should change it on the normal Password Change Page.

If you just want to test your password or see what date you last changed your password go to our Test Password page.

PLEASE NOTE: Your Healthstream password is not the same as your Partners password. If you don't know your Partners password, please see or contact the Partners Help Desk at 617-726-5085 to reset it.

Martinos Center Username:
Partners Username: (e.g. per2) Passwords need to be 8 or more characters long, not contain dictionary words, and have some combination of capital letters, numbers and punctuation marks. They may not be a string of characters with numerical digits appended. Strings in your password are checked against an international dictionary with abbreviations and common misspellings.

We suggest for ease of remembering that you make your Martinos password the same as your Partners one.

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New Martinos Center Password:
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