The Optics Division is exploring new ways to investigate the brain and breast non-invasively and without using harmful, ionizing radiation. The group is working to develop the optical imaging technology as well as apply it for a wide range of basic science and clinical studies. Ultimately, these studies could contribute to better understandings of how the brain works as well as improved screening and detection of a variety of pathologies.


Mar. 14, 2014. SPIE Highlights Presentation by David Boas

Dec. 16, 2013. Neuroimage celebrates 20 years of functional near-infrared spectroscopy

Oct. 29, 2013. David Boas to serve as editor-in-chief of new journal, Neurophotonics

Oct. 21, 2013. Anna Devor and colleagues have outlined a collective vision for what we can achieve through the NIH BRAIN Initiative