Backing Up Your Workstation Data

How well are you backing up your data? Choosing one of the below options does not mean your data is 100% protected against all modes of failure. Read this page for an in-depth explanation of what is at stake.

Windows Workstations

Macintosh Workstations

  • For local backup on systems running OSX 10.7 (Lion) we recommend using Time Machine. To comply with Partners policy, you must choose the encryption option when setting up time machine to an external USB/firewire disk.
  • For automated remote backup of your files, we recommend Crashplan Desktop Backup from Partners Research Computing.

CentOS Linux Workstations

  • The NMR Help Desk can set up mirror backup from internal disk partitions to internal partitions on different disks (same host), or on different hosts. If you have space on /cluster we can mirror workstation partitions there also.
  • To check the status of current mirror backups use listHistory.php
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