Martinos Center Computer And Network
Acceptable Use Policy

All Martinos Center policies are superseded by Partners policy (internal link, requires Partners username/pw).

Users Agree To The Following:

  1. The computer and network resources of Partners Healthcare, MGH and the Martinos Center are to be used only for hospital research and not for personal use.
  2. Sharing of NMR accounts or passwords is prohibited.
  3. Logging into any computer without consent from the owner is prohibited.
  4. Viewing, editing or copying another user's files without their expressed permission (even if the filesystem permissions allow it) is prohibited.
  5. Breaking these rules or engaging in any other malicious or nefarious activity can result in account closure and/or legal action at the discretion of administrators and the Help Desk.
  6. Users are encouraged to report suspicious activity or occurrences as soon as possible.

Martinos Center I.S. Reserves The Right To The Following:

  1. To modify or update these policies without notice.
  2. To monitor system service logs for unauthorized user access, system integrity changes, etcetera.
  3. To monitor user emails, home directories, file storage, filedrop uploads, and web traffic.
  4. To report violations of the Partners, MGH, or Martinos Center policy to the office of the MGH CISO, or law enforcement.
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