Using the physiological monitoring systems

Investigators interested in using the physiological monitors, INVIVO or AD Instruments (in any bay) or the AVOTECH Headphones in Bay4 must contact the Martinos staff.

A list of best practices when using the systems can be found below. We have also posted a physiological monitoring manual.

Best Practices for use of monitoring systems

  1. Scheduling for use will be exclusively by requesting use of the In Vivo system when signing up for scan time. A specific check box for this is on the web-based request form. The Martinos Center staff will be responsible for ensuring that the 3150 system is not double booked in Bays 4 and 5.
  2. Placement of the In Vivo 3150 unit in Bay 4 and Bay 5 will be restricted to behind the blue taped lines on the floor (away from the scanner) that indicate a safety zone for the equipment.
  3. Martinos staff is trained in the use of the equipment and will assist in training teams in how to do the patient setup, data recording and post-study cleanup of the physiological monitoring systems. For studies conducted in Bay 4, they will also be responsible for copying the collected information from the acquisition computer to CDs and giving them to the investigators.
  4. All human studies that include physiological monitoring will be conducted with appropriate IRB approval for these practices.
  5. All users must agree to follow the rules for use of the Martinos physiological monitoring systems for either animal or human studies as appropriate.
  6. All animal studies (pig, monkey, etc) will be conducted with appropriate SRAC approvals that include screening of animals for contagious diseases, and methods for sanitizing unit before and after use.
  7. The physiological monitoring system in Bays 2, 3 & 4 allows digital acquisition of the recorded signals.
  8. Current capabilities for physiological monitoring in all Bays include: ECG, EtCO2, SaO2, trigger pulses from the scanner, skin temperature, galvanic skin response, respiratory measures (e.g., tidal volume), and other investigator-supplied analog or digital signals.
  9. Investigators must supply their own laptop computer for recording the signals.  The Martinos Center has a site license for the current version of ADInstruments Chart software that must be installed in advance of use.
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