Cognitive Style

Our research on cognitive style includes two main directions:

Our lab is interested in investigating Cognitive Style from theoretical and applied perspectives. In our research, we refine the concept of cognitive style and develop theoretically guided measures of cognitive style.

Cognitive style historically has referred to a psychological dimension representing consistencies in an individual’s manner of cognitive functioning, particularly with respect to acquiring and processing information. The problem of reliably assessing cognitive style has always been a challenge, due to theoretical and methodological difficulties (see Kozhevnikov, 2007, for a review).

In particular, in our research, based on contemporary cognitive neuroscience evidence, we investigate object, spatial, or verbal cognitive styles that describe individuals’ preferences to, or self-assessments of, the use of object, spatial, or verbal, mode of information processing, respectively (Kozhevnikov et al., 2005; Blajenkova et al. 2006; Blazhenkova & Kozhevnikov, 2009).