2011-2112. Individual Differences in Imagery and their Impact on Training in Three-Dimensional Immersive Virtual Environments.
Office of Naval Research – $528,511.00

2008 – 2009. Neural Correlates of 3D Visual-Spatial Processing.
Office of Naval Research – $72K

2003 – 2010. Visualization Processes in Learning and Problem Solving in 3D.
Virtual Reality Career Award, National Science Foundation  Р$400K

2004 – 2007. Individual Differences in Visual Processing: Cognitive Neuroscience Perspective.
Office of Naval Research – $350K.

2004 – 2007. Cognitive Style and Individual Differences in Mental Imagery (in collaboration with Stephen Kosslyn, Harvard University).
National Science Foundation – $240K.

2002 – 2005. The Role of Educational Technology in Teaching and Learning.
Board of Governor Award – $45K

2001 – 2004. Cognitive Style and Individual Differences in Imagery.
National Science Foundation/ Harvard University – $370K

1999 – 2001. Developing guidelines for the design of science-related technologies.Harvard Graduate School of Education.
McCoy Technology Award – $5K