Keynote talk by Maria Kozhevnikov at the IEEE Virtual Reality 2011


On March 21, Maria Kozhevnikov presented a keynote talk ”Bringing 3D Immersive Virtual Reality Technologies to Visual-Spatial Cognition Research” at the IEEE Virtual Reality 2011, Singapore.

Maria Kozhevnikov’s lab launched the new combined VR-EEG system

Research techniques for investigating visualization in immersive 3D virtual environments have made a new challenging step forward. Our lab has launched a new system for integrating Virtual Reality and EEG technologies, in order to investigate the neural correlates of information processing in immersive versus non-immersive VR. This is the first system of its kind and presents many promising research opportunities.

Invited talk by Maria Kozhevnikov at Decade of the Mind VI


On October 18, Maria Kozhevnikov gave a talk ”Bringing Innovative 3D Technologies to Visual-Spatial Cognition research: Looking Towards the Next Decade” at the 2010 Decade of the Mind VI, Singapore.

3D Perspective Taking Ability Test Patented

March 25, 2010 – Maria Kozhevnikov’s patent application entitled “Three-Dimensional Perspective Taking Ability Assessment Tool,” has been published (publication number: US 2010-0075284-A1). This test measures spatial orientation and spatial navigation abilities in a 3D immersive virtual environment. More information can be found at

Maria Kozhevnikov gave a talk at AAAS meeting


On February 19, Maria Kozhevnikov gave a talk “How Scientists Visualize: Insights from Neuroscience and Development of Giftedness” at the 2010 AAAS Annual Meeting (San Diego, CA) invited symposium devoted to the topics of STEM education “Visualizations in the Mind and in the World: Implications for STEM Education”.

Buddhist Deity Meditation Might Temporarily Boost Visual-Spatial Processing


Maria Kozhevnikov was featured in the Association for Psychological Science press release announcing her paper: Kozhevnikov et al. (2009). The Enhancement of Visuospatial Processing Efficiency Through Buddhist Deity Meditation. Psychological Science, 20 (5), 645 – 653.

The study has achieved rapid recognition in US and international media from various fields, including scientific, art and health news and blogs, as well as resources for meditation practitioners and sport physiologists.

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