FDMD Graphical User Interface

Software for fast post-processing of the optical data

We have developed a graphical interface program (GUI) implemented in MatLab for a quick visual display of the results of our FD multi-wavelength multi-distance measurements. The GUI loads the saved optical data and a file specifying the probe geometry and wavelengths used, display graphs of the raw data (intensity, phase and amplitude at all the wavelengths), the average changes of phase and intensity with distance, the slopes, and the residuals. From these it calculates and displays graphs of absorption and reduced scattering coefficients, the hemoglobin concentration and saturation as a function of time. It plots the average absorption as a function of wavelength against the fitted hemoglobin spectra, or if chosen, water absorption spectra and the average scattering coefficient versus wavelengths and its linear fit. It also displays all the average data and the standard deviations over any chosen time interval, the results excluding distances or wavelengths, using different concentrations of water, using averaged scattering points to calculate absorption, and results from low pass filtered data. All can be saved in text format. The GUI also displays calibration measurements to verify the instrument is well calibrated and if needed to recalibrate the data loading different calibration files.

Install instructions

  1. Download the source code zipfile
  2. Run the setup program