Advanced Multimodal Neuroimaging Training Program (predoctoral)

This program provides training opportunities in neuroimaging research for advanced Harvard University, Harvard Medical School, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate students from a variety of disciplines and departments. The program offers interdisciplinary training designed to integrate basic and cognitive neuroscience applications with the fundamental physical and biological bases of neuroimaging. Through coursework and hands-on experience with the technologies and analytic methods of neuroimaging, trainees are prepared to apply brain imaging technologies to understanding questions in neuroscience.

Central to the training experience is a research project focused on multimodal neuroimaging, constituting the student’s PhD thesis, or a part thereof. This project will be jointly mentored by a team of faculty mentors that includes the student’s primary graduate advisor and a co-mentor with expertise in a complementary area of study. As the project should expand the student’s training from neuroscience to physical science, or vice versa, it is expected that the mentorship team provides representative expertise in both imaging technology and neuroscience applications. Applications that do not propose both a technical mentor and one representing a relevant area of neuroscience will not be considered for appointment.

Students are also required to take part in training-related educational activities and complete complementary coursework to extend their knowledge in the physical science or neuroscience domain. They are expected to spend time in the laboratories of both the primary mentor and co-mentor. To further broaden and enrich the training experience, students are encouraged to attend, and if possible present their research at, scientific meetings relevant to their area of study. All presentations, posters, and publications that relate to the work done with support from this training program must acknowledge the program.


Applicants must be enrolled in a relevant PhD program at Harvard University, Harvard Medical School, the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Science and Technology, or Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is expected that most applicants are senior students who have completed their qualifying examinations and are candidates for the PhD in their department. Students in the earlier years of graduate study may also be considered under some circumstances. The training program is available to US citizens and permanent residents as well as international students in these Harvard and MIT graduate programs.

Students selected for the program are expected to commit full-time effort for an appointment term of 12 months. Appointed students may not simultaneously hold other fellowships.

Financial Support

The program, supported by the NIH Blueprint for Neuroscience Research, provides funds to help support the trainee’s graduate stipend and tuition & fees; a travel allowance is also provided to offset a portion of the costs associated with travel to relevant scientific meetings.

Please note that the financial support provided by this training program will not cover the full costs of graduate tuition and stipend for most students. Additional funds to supplement stipend and tuition must come from a non-federal funding source. Please consider this requirement in planning for application to this program. Upon submission of the application, it is expected that the student, mentor(s), and graduate administrators in the student’s department have discussed preliminary plans to supplement the training grant award.

Please email the Predoctoral Program Application Form and NIH biosketch to Maria Mody.