Multimodality Short Course

This was originally a two week, NIH-funded, workshop on a collection of functional brainimaging technologies including MRI, fMRI, MRS, PET, TMS, EEG, MEG, NIRS, and others.  It was conducted in 2007-1016; and a shorter, 1-week version was held in 2017.  However, it became clear that most people wanted more complete training on one modality (e.g., fMRI or EEG/MEG or TMS) rather than a long survey.  Until there is a clear demand for such an extended workshop, this program will probably not be held again.

See, however, the new one-day intensive workshop on State-of-the-Art in MultiModality Functional Brain Imaging, that will be held in 2019 on two occasions: May 28 and June 25.

Robert L. Savoy, Ph.D., Course Director

Stacey Ladieu, Program Administrator

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